Leadership development





What are the elements of successful leadership?

What are the things that a leader should focus on?

How managers can be supported for their leadership

Potential development?

What are the most effective methods for leadership competencies development?


Based on 10 years of experience in the field of leaders and managers develompment we have created an approach that gives an answer to these questions!

Our approach to creating leadership development programs is based on the notion that effective leadership is a combination of managers’ professional skills and  level of knowledge of business and the ability to interact and influence people, expressed in three different groups of competencies:

  1. The degree of self-knowledge in terms of motives that drive the behavior, and the way a person is being perceived and influences others. The higher degree of self-knowledge on these two elements, the more effective is the leader in terms of management decisions , and in terms of their ability to influence their followers.
  2. The ability to manage people (management skills) – key skills that are related to the ability to manage and affect the performance, achievements and people motivation (delegation, motivation, development and coaching, feedback and evaluation, authorization and placing challenges, initiating and managing change, etc.).
  3. Leadership role and style – definition of the roles associated with leadership as a manager’s quality and development of a successful approach and leadership style.

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Middle Management Development Program


Project focus and goals (What did the client request?) Following a fast staff expansion process, the client promotes a group of the best associates to team leader and supervisor positions and shortly after that finds out that the lack of structured preliminary education and preparation of the team leaders results in a number of managerial […]

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