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ForTeam is a representative for Bulgaria of Management Systems tools for organizational diagnosis and methodology for organizational effectiveness improvement.


The methodologies of Management Systems are based on research conducted by Dr. Eric Flamholtz, President and Founder of the company Management Systems and Professor Emeritus of UCLA’s Anderson School of Management. The key driver of Dr. Flamholtz’s research and Management Systems’ work gives an answer to one fundamental question:


“What can an organization do to increase the probability of long-term success?”


Managament Systems have answered this important question by developing research-based, but practical tools and specific methodologies that can be used to enhance personal, team’s, and organizational effectiveness and create sustained long-term success. We, in particular, offer tools and methodologies, which help you:

  • assess the extent to which your company is positioned for long-term success (organizational assessment);
  • identify the measures, which need to be taken, so that your company continues its development successfully;
  • draw up a development plan in order to improve the organizational effectiveness of your company.

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Or how to acheieve return on the investment in staff training

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